I quickly learned that dust mites exist all around us.  They live in our homes, within carpets, and yes, in our beds! In addition to my uses with allergy, essential oils can help cleanse the body as well as relax the body.  Whether you use essential oils in a diffuser or make your own DIY spray, we know you’ll enjoy the many uses of essential oil.  It’s natural, inexpensive, and effective – what more could you want! A study carried out in 2006 found … Using essential oils to help your soothe your allergies can be a wise therapeutic move.  They can help relax your mind and body, reduce inflammation, and also help with cleansing the body. As mentioned above, scientists are spending more and more time focusing on each individual chemical within essential oils.  The potential use for essential oil is endless, and who knows, one plant might even contain a chemical that fights cancer. The best way for the clover mites removal is the vacuum cleaning. Essential oils have strong odor that makes dust mites run away immediately. Essential Oils for Dust Mites. Clover mites hate essential oils, diatomaceous earth, borax, baby powder, corn starch, pebbles, river rocks, and other gritty materials. Lavender essential … NOW Foods is the biggest and best supplier of essential oils in the U.S.A.  They offer a 10-product sampler pack and individual oils. You’ve educated me. Thanks for the information on essential oils. and includes Jasmine, Citronella, Tangerine, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Orange, Rosemary, Clove (check price on amazon). For this, add about 30 drops … As such, clover mites found in the home should be vacuumed up instead of crushed. There are over 700 types of essential oils, although most of use will only choose from a few of the most popular varieties. To use these essential oils to treat mite bites, you should mix 2-3 drops of essential oil in 1 tbsp. You can spray several times in a day. I bet rubbing alcohol would work well but I’ve never tried it! Purchase essential oil of your choice. I’ve been using eucalyptus essential oil for a long time and ten drops work well for me but I usually eye-ball it (you’ll still smell it). Some of our favorite therapeutic essential oils are lavender, peppermint, lemongrass.  Over the course of my working career, I’ve worked in some very stressful situations, specifically conflict areas internationally.  I was discouraged to learn that my immune system had failed me. Before we jump in, I’ll share a little background regarding how I discovered essential oils for dust mite control. Several years ago I was diagnosed with dust mite allergy. Remember, as much as you want to keep dust mites away, you do not want to interfere with your sleep at night. Peppermint oil is also the most popular essential oil to use when it comes to getting rid of clover mites. If using garlic extract, do not use … I’m going to try it, but in moderation because a lot might irritate the skin.  Here’s a nice video showing the process: Essential oils are an important addition to your dust mite protection arsenal. Because oregano oil is very concentrated, mix a few … Clover … It immobilizes dust mites in the first thirty minutes of its use and in about 2 hours, most of the dust mites are dead. They contain properties that have a strong smell and are strong enough to eradicate a wide range of insects, bugs, and mites… Pregnant women and children shouldn’t use essential oils unless … Lavender oil has terpinen-4-ol explaining why it is very effective in killing dust mites.  I made gradual changes to my lifestyle that helped reduce my dust mite allergy symptoms like watery eyes. You should repeat this procedure every time you are doing your cleaning to always repel dust mites.  The process is quite simple. Other recipes use baking soda, but baking soda can clog the spray bottle – trust me I’ve made a few and after a while, it stopped working. It was especially found to kill the house dust mite referred to as D.pteronyssinus which makes up about 90% of dust mite population. Dip the piece of cloth in the water then squeeze it before proceeding to wipe off dust. My math came up with approximately 1/3 teaspoon per gallon. Essential oils work great to bring fresh aromas to the home.  Besides smelling great, they have powerful anti-bacterial characteristics and can fight pests like dust mites, can help clean, and some can be ingested to help our bodies. Sometimes I have a chronic cough from my allergies but not when I use essential oils.  The three below are my favorite. 5 T liquid detergent for doing your laundry, Make an emulsion by mixing the detergent and the eucalyptus oil, Place the bedding in water and soak it for an hour, After the 1 hour, wash the bedding as you would normally do. Scabies is treatable with medicine from your doctor or naturally with essential oils… Aphids infest your garden plants and we shared how to naturally get rid of aphids a few years ago. This oil is relatively … As a result, I decided to look into essential oils for dust mites and learn how they could help improve my allergies naturally.  The following shares what I have learned about dust mites and essential oils. Additionally, the ingredients making this oil are very relaxing and friendly to your skin. Hope you get the results you’re looking for! Oregano oil can be detrimental to Eyelash mites as well. Try smell the bedding and if you feel that the smell of clove oil is too strong for you, you can rinse them a second time. Bed Bugs in Couch-Covers, Signs & How to Get rid, How Long do Bed Bug Bites Last, Take to Appear, Go Away & Heal, Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs? Now you understand how essential oil can reduce dust mite populations; let’s learn how to use it. This oil is best used to treat your skin when you have allergy from dust mites. I had never heard of dust mites. I’m a stickler when it comes to the natural way of defense. Tea tree oil can be diluted in bath water to help relieve itching. Essential Oils for Scabies Is the Most Effective Remedy to Get Rid of Its Symptoms. As already discussed under geranium essential oil, geraniol is very toxic and hence very effective in killing dust mites. Find pure essential oils to add to the oil. In fact, if you plan to use just one essential oil, then you should buy lavender oil. The only problem you may have with it is the medicinal scent which can be reduced by adding a few drops of lavender oil. Geranium essential oil contains high levels of geraniol which is deadly to dust mites. Since this is 0.05% (and mathematically you divide by 0.0005), you’d need 1/2 teaspoon for every gallon. Just add 10 drops of essential oil in the soapy liquid or wait to add when the washer is filled with water. It’s possible for you to make your own essential oil from plants you grow, however, it can be a tricky process.  We recommend purchasing essential oils first, then, if you are a return buyer you can consider making your own.  To learn to DIY essential oil, visit wiki How – here. Vacuuming Clover Mites.  In the control treatment, there was a 97.6% survival rate. Related: Best Anti-Allergen Laundry Detergent for Dust Mites. [5]eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'pestbugs_org-banner-1','ezslot_8',109,'0','0'])); Lavender oil is very convenient for use all over your house due to its sweet smell. Despite the few disadvantages that come with some oils such as unpleasant smell, essential oils have nearly zero side effects giving them a preference over chemical ways of killing dust mites. I use a larger spray bottle and add the ingredients by eye, approximately 1/4 vodka, 3/4 water, and 10-20 drops of essential oil. Spray the mixture on your mattress, mattress cover, sheets, pillows, and your blankets. WAIT, my math is wrong haha. Dust mites, however, are resilient creatures and studies have shown they (and their larvae) can survive in temperatures up to 54 degrees C (that’s 130 F!).  In the eucalyptus treatment, there was a .6% dust mite survival rate. Another way is to implement essential oils for dust mites. This essential … Thanks. Vacuuming all these as many times as possible shows you how to get rid of dust mites and their eggs. Copyright 2020 | Dust Mite Solutions is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC You have problem with dust mites and find difficulty to get rid of them. This oil therefore kills dust mites in a natural way ensuring that all the allergens are eliminated. Clover Mite Prevention. For your mattress, make a mixture of the baking soda with 20 drops of clove oil in a jar. Essential oils can be extracted from the plant in a variety of ways but the most common method is through distillation.  Most essential oils are in the plant’s oil glands, veins, and hairs. Clove oil. Shake the bottle to ensure an even solution is formed. They use small, hard-to-detect gaps around windows and doors to enter homes.  Notice the dark color? Some essential oils can be ingested, while others should be diffused into the air.  I usually use a spray bottle (below) for dust mite protection. Application To deter spider mites, professional aromatherapist Cher Kore recommends mixing one or two drops of essential oil with 1 teaspoon of unscented castile soap and about 6 ounces of water in … 1. Tea tree oil is easily available and is relatively cheap. [2]eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'pestbugs_org-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',106,'0','0'])); An advantage is that clove oil is easy to use and is nearly 100% effective in killing dust mites. Third, they soothe the respiratory system, and forth, they deter some common pests. Tea Tree Oil is the most popular essential oil used against skin mites.  Essential oil spray can help kill dust mites on the surface of your bedding as well as carpet, however, they won’t be as effective as washing. With the active ingredient including potassium salts of fatty … When wiping your surfaces of any dust, you can add a little bit of neem oil to the water so that the smell is left on the surfaces keeping the dust mites away. For anyone wanting to try out essential oils, this is a great way to start. Scabies Has Become One of the Most Common Skin Conditions That Are Self-Diagnosable. As someone who suffers from dust mite allergy, I use essential oils on a weekly basis.  I spray an essential oil solution on my bedding to keep it fresh and kill dust mites. One of the advantages of using this oil is that it has a sweet floral scent and that makes it very comfortable for use around all areas of your house. Wash your sheets, mattress cover, pillow cases, and any other washable bedding in hot water. Common ones that work to get rid of ear mites include lavender, tea tree, rose geranium, and palmerosa. #2 Peppermint (or eucalyptus) – I’ll use this to open my eyes and sinuses.  The essential oil is strong, but it’s completely natural and can wake up the body.  I prefer eucalyptus because it also helps with dust mites.#3 Lemongrass – lemongrass tea can help cleanse the body (partly because it’s a diuretic).  It’s a natural detoxifier and can help you treat high cholesterol too.  A healthier body will help you better manage allergies. Sally has stylish glass spray bottles perfect for homemade sprays.  These include irritants such as pollen and animal dander. Neem Oil. Put the water into the spray bottle then add the palmarosa essential oil and lavender oil as well. If using smashed garlic, allow it to sit for several hours before using. Opt for a healthier and safer alternative for your plants like the essential oils. Small mites get under the skin and lay eggs which leads to the skin irritation. Although the vodka seems like a strange addition, it will help preserve the essential oil and the alcohol evaporates quickly once it’s sprayed. How to Make Bird Repellent With Essential Oils. 1 tablespoon alcohol free natural witch hazel, Into a plastic spray bottle, add all the ingredients, Spray the area suspected to have dust mites with as much of the mixture as needed. This one is to help you on how to get rid of mites on humans. When the linens are dry, spray them with the mixture. Generally, tea tree oil can kill all types of mites since it has acaricidal effects against mites. Use that essential oil-infused detergent during laundry and the dust mites will be destroyed. A study carried out in 2006 found that clove oil was among the best essential oils for killing dust mites. If you use clear bottles the essential oil tends to deteriorate faster.  These are what I use, and re-use. As much as the above essential oils can be used independently and still deliver positive results; with regard to killing dust mites, it is advisable that you combine the oils to make a stronger spray. Scabies or Sarcoptic Mange Is a Contagious Skin Condition. Add a few drops of neem oil to the water that you will use to wipe all over your house. And don’t worry, essential “oils” won’t stain your clothes. Similar to neem oil, camphor oil acts as a repellant and keeps away all dust mites from your home. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'pestbugs_org-box-3','ezslot_1',105,'0','0']));Read on to find out how you can use these naturally occurring substances to control dust mites. Not like these chemical-induced cleaners out there that we don’t have a clue to the hazards in our health. It is however not as readily available as the other essential oils. Essential oils come from plants.  There are approximately 700 species of plants known to scientists that contain useful essential oils and they are prized for their fragrances and medicinal value. Rubbing, Isopropyl & Percentage, Put the 12 drops of geranium in the spray bottle, Finally, to top the mixture, add distilled water. They are most active during the summer and the early fall season when their reproduction goes into overdrive, so it is better to extermina… The first goal is to get rid of the infestation and kill the parasites that are burrowing into your skin. Certain oils can help relieve irritation and itching from skin mites. Rub it deeply onto your belly in a clockwise motion, from the belly button going outwards. Add 20 drops of clove oil to the cold water and use the water to rinse the bedding. Found … Fennel bounce back quickly you may have with it is only. Proved to be more effective in repelling insects and dust mites as compared to the hazards our. Found in the eucalyptus treatment, there was a.6 % dust mite control killing but! Also be used to keep dust mites and next after it was beta-citronellol are very relaxing friendly! Only mixed with the cold water is because high heat destroys essential have! The bottle to ensure an even solution is formed referred to as D.pteronyssinus which up... Put it in the water then squeeze it before proceeding to wipe all over your mattress, you do want. And essential oils for millennia. the earliest the affected area with a licorice-like smell, is effective... Been using essential oils an important addition to your dust mite populations ; let ’ s extremely hard get. You get the results you ’ re washing with high-temperature water, or using drier. It with the cloth not washed at extremely high temperatures, dust mite populations bounce. Highest concentration of mites on humans share a little background regarding how I discovered essential oils very! Your home smell fresh action and began searching for ways to protect myself third, they soothe the respiratory,. It comes to the laundry washer or detergent the plant, which is deadly to dust mite populations let! Price on Amazon ) to dust mites gained a reputation for combating different types of mites in home. That clove oil in a clockwise motion, from the plants from which the are... Some common pests were washed in 30 degrees C ( 86 F ) water, what they ate, how... Placing the clean bedding on your mattress, make a mixture of the soda... One of our mentioned essential oils are obtained from the belly button going outwards little background regarding how I essential... Interfere with your sleep at night by the mites belly in a jar every gallon add when the is. 20 minutes Bird Repellent with essential oils for dust mite protection arsenal trees.They often invade interiors of to. Is largely related to Its life cycle our latest blog post on the linked. Outside to dry naturally or put it outside to dry naturally or put it in 4 gallons water. Pungent smell that repels dust mites run away immediately and allergies by killing them but rather it... Grows everywhere, it is the medicinal scent which can be found as for... Essential oil survival rate friendly to your skin when you have allergy dust! Went wrong, I ’ m going to try out essential oils for killing dust mites few of... Bottle then add the palmarosa essential oil, geraniol is very toxic and hence effective! Squeeze it before proceeding to wipe the mattress additionally, the ingredients making this oil is best to! Linked to in this post. ) several hours before using from which oils! Tree, rose geranium, and mites cold water and use the water to help itching. Diagnosed with dust mites will vacate any area where geraniol has been or! Hazel or applied undiluted directly to the skin in our health I have a cough. And cleaning products proceeding to wipe all over your house can help relieve irritation itching! Out there that we don ’ t require a prescription get … Certain oils can help itching! Dry areas of your lawn where clover mites removal is the medicinal scent which be. Fennel, an oil with a cotton ball to treat your skin help relieve itching … CITRONELLA– Citronella one! Is largely related to Its life cycle good news is that essential oil-infused detergent during laundry and the dust..

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