The common challenges in trading industry which cover inventory movement, credit control, order fulfillments and demand forecasting can impact customer satisfaction and cashflow of a company. In this fast changing and highly competitive environment, business needs to respond fast and accurately to the customers and market demands. Real time visibility to your sales, inventory and finance status are crucial to support your business decisions and always keep your business competitive. Panna is the solution that can help you to address these critical business needs and to create a continuing growth trajectory and boost profitability.

It is an optimum solution for sales distribution and it empowers all key areas of your trading operations, from Sales Fulfillment, Promotion, Purchasing, Warehouse & Inventory to Financial Accounting. With the solution, you are able to experience measurable improvements by lowering costs and increasing service levels and productivity, which ultimately means higher profit margins!

We have also offered Panna, which is an entry level of ERP package, which target to small to medium enterprise or industry (small in-terms of company head counts, not in terms of size of business) to manage their back office with less hassle.
Panna or Panna includes modules as:
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