Most of the manufacturers face similar problem such as tight delivery schedule, complex processes, lack of information to make response and low profit. This is the dilemma and challenge faced by most of the small medium industries. Thus, a comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) or MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning) system is a must to help in decisions making, production control, customer fulfillment and cash flow monitoring, in order to survive in this highly competitive market.

Optimization of resources, streamlining processes, innovative cost control, competitive pricing, quality products and services are the keys factors to maintain the company competitive advantage and to fuel the business growth.

Panna XERM.mfg is a web-based ERP system that integrate organization business processes such as sales fulfillment, procurement, inventory control, production and financial accounting, you will have better data maintenance and operation linkages from standalone to inter-related business entities. With a centralized database, every individual within the organization can extract real-time inquiries and accurate information to assist in the completion of his/her tasks and responsibilities.

By using Panna XERM.mfg, you are able to systematize and standardize your production operations, capitalize on resources utilization, commit to sales delivery schedules and ensure product quality.

Panna XERM.mfg includes modules as:
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